Travel Guide to Sweden

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Do you like exploring new places while you are on a tour? Most of the people prefer to take their family members to regular places in Europe but for those who are looking for new destinations can checkout new places like some of the Nordic countries like Sweden. If you are looking to have a good time than do visit Sweden and I am sure that you will enjoy some of the best moments of your life in Sweden. Though, Sweden might not have received its share of recognition many people know that it has some of the best landscapes and climate in the world. The living conditions of the people in Sweden is really good and therefore they stand seventh on the United Nations’ Human
Development Index which in other words mean that it is the seventh best country in the world to live.

Sweden is a member of the European Union and therefore follows parliamentary system of government. If you are taking a flight to Sweden than head towards the capital city known as Stockholm which is also the most populated city in Sweden. Located on the east side of Sweden, Stockholm has a great history and therefore you will not only enjoy the landscapes but also some beautiful architectural buildings and culture when you are in Stockholm. The city is soon becoming the fashion capital of Sweden and you will find a lot of branded designers’ shops here where you can shop till you drop. Since Stockholm is the capital city you will find that the city has a mixture of ancient and newly built structures. You can take a nice boat trip if you want to run away from the hustle bustle of the city. You will find many Lake Malaren boat trips when you are on the coastal side of Stockholm. Overall, the city is the best place in Sweden where you can not only enjoy during the day, but also enjoy your nightlife by going to the best discos and pubs in the city.

If you love taking a trip back into history, than Gothenburg is your next destination. The city has many ancient architectural buildings and structures that remind you of how Sweden was in the earlier centuries. The city is not very costly so you will enjoy cheap accommodation and food over here. Since the city is not very expensive a lot of students from all over the Sweden prefer to stay on rent here in the city.

Uppsala is another great city that you should checkout while you are on a trip to Sweden. This city is loaded with historical buildings and landmarks which played an important role in the development of Sweden. You will find some of the best art galleries, museums and universities here in Uppsala. The place becomes one of the hottest destinations in Sweden during the summer because many other tourists from Sweden and nearby countries come here to enjoy the sunny atmosphere. Uppsala gives you a free ride into the Viking heritage of the historical

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