Things to Consider for your Upcoming Camping Adventure

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All campers no matter if they are recreational or the dangerous adventurous thrill seekers still need to have the essential camping equipment on them. Here's what you needand why you will need them.


If you are going to need to hike or backpack to your amping spot, the first thing you will need to look for
then is the right backpack for the job. Of course you are oing to want a lightweight backpack that has plenty of ompartments and is large enough to fit all of your camping goods.

Depending on your trip and what it will entail you will eed to get a backpack best suited for your journey. They make packs with frames inside and out, and normal frameless ackpacks for lighter loads. When buying a framed backpack it is essential to make sure that the backpack itself weighs nearly nothing. You don't want to end up with a sore back after carrying all of the equipment in an already heavy backpack.


There are a multitude of different tents to consider as well. Consider the number of people camping in the tent, how long you will be using it, the ease of use, weight, and how small and compact you need it to be.

If you are able to take your car and back right into your camp ground, then size and weight of the tent will not matter. On the other hand, serious backpackers who are going to be on the move must consider the weight and mobility. These folks should look for a lightweight, compact tent that will keep them sheltered but still be able to put it up and take it down with the greatest of ease.

Sleeping Bags:

The same applies to sleeping bags as backpacks and tents. Sure you want your sleeping bag to keep you warm, but you must consider the weight if you are going to be hiking around all day. The technology of sleeping bags these days allows you to find 1 to 3 pound sleeping bags that will
keep you warmer than a lot of the heavier ones of the past. They make bags for use in different climates so look over the temperature rating and the material it is made out of. Some bags will last longer and hold up to extreme conditions much better than others.

Other Items:

There are plenty of other things that should always be brought with you on a camping trip. Always bring a first aid kit, matches or lighter, a whistle for safety, food, clothing, and plenty of water. Flashlights, sunscreen, stove, and other fun items can be considered for a family camping trip as well.

Always be sure to check and take a look at your equipment before you get to your camping spot. You don't want to get there and then find out your tent is broken or your sleeping bags are molded over.

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