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You Cannot Live A Happy Life If …..

If two things are missing from your life then you cannot live a happy and successful life. These are: (1) inner-peace (2) love.

I am a man of peace and love. Peace is within me and love flows out of me. I know the worth of peace and love in one’s life out of my own experience.

True Life Success Secrets: The True Meaning Of Success

Success is about more than money and being number one. If you're the top executive in a company does that mean you're successful? Not necessarily. If you have money does it make you successful? If you won $30 million in the lottery would you be successful? No! The money may change the way you live, but success will change your life forever.

For years I struggled with this. I worked 60 hours a week trying to gain success or what I thought success was. One evening I was discussing my future plans, my business plans and life in general with my mentor.

Now it’s Your Turn to Succeed in Life

Are you a failed person and think you cannot succeed in life? Are you a bankrupt person and think you cannot earn enough money to live a happy life? Are you under severe depression and thinking of committing suicide? Are you facing the biggest challenge of your life and don’t know how to cope with the situation? Are you trapped in an ugly situation and trying hard to get out of the quagmire without success?

What is Success?

Considering the word "success" conjures images of a life different from what you are experiencing now, does it not?

What images does success conjure for you? Wealth - a mansion; a beach house; vacation villas; luxury cars;

How Poor are You!

Do you want to know your poverty graph? You are poor if you:

- do not have a firm commitment with yourself to succeed

- do no set goals and follow them through

- do not put your best efforts at work

- do not keep yourself updated on new information and technologies

- do not adopt a positive attitude and get rid of negative thinking

- are not strong enough to accept the challenges of day-to-day life

- are not ready to take any risk due to fear of failure

- lack self respect and respect for others

First Crucial Step to a Successful Life

Are you living a happy and successful life? Certainly not, I presume. If you had been living a happy and successful life then you would not have been here reading this article!

Live The Life of Your Dreams!

You are lucky if you have a dream to realize, a goal to reach and a target to achieve!

Well, if you have a dream and you are strongly committed to realize that dream through hard work and planned efforts then you are the most powerful person on earth. Why? Because your dream has the power to keep you motivated to do the things you need to do to paint your dream into a living reality.

Success Strategies

There’s no hard & fast rule when it comes to becoming successful in life. But, there are things you can do and guidelines you can follow to make your dreams more attainable. Here are a few of the most important strategies that you can use to get where you really want to be.

The farm principle:

Time Management Tips For A Successful Life

The application of time management skills has tended, in the past, to be thought of as something that is for business life only. In reality, though, time management is something from which we can all benefit in our personal lives as well, and in the art of marrying our working lives with our home and social lives.

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