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Breaking Through The Masks Of Fear

Have you ever felt that you wanted to do or achieve something, that you let a nagging voice ("your inner critic") tells you otherwise. I meet so many people who want to do, be, achieve things, but fear gets in the way. When we find that we are unable to create and sculpt the lives we want - then it's likely that fear is at the bottom of it.


Acne DOs and DON'Ts

Every little thing counts when it comes to fighting acne and keeping it under control. After all, zits are not that big themselves, they just bug us in a big way. We don't always realize that seemingly insignificant things can help us look better (or worse, depending on what they are), while intentionally following myths, we do more harm than good to the skin.

Here are a few things to consider if you don't want to see those pimples pop up.


Stop Worrying, Start Choosing

Do you take the "ignorance is bliss" strategy in your life?

Many people Sleep-Walk through life, worrying about what might happen, then "letting things happen", instead of actively choosing what they want in their life lives

The first step to change - any change- must begin with becoming aware of what you are doing.

How? Stop worrying, start choosing.

The #1 Factor in Weight Loss and Fitness

Just the other day, someone asked me what I thought was the #1 "Most Important Factor" in determining how fit you became.

They wanted to know if it was Cardio, Weight Training, or Proper Nutrition.

I think my answer may have puzzled him a bit because I said it was none of those.

After I thought about the question for a few minutes, I told him that there was a more important factor that preceded any of those he mentioned.

I told him it was your attitude that determined your fitness levels and what type of conditioning you'll achieve.

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