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What My Mother Taught Me About Credit Cards And Family Finances

My mother is an amazing woman. She made some of the hardest jobs imaginable look easy. No matter how hard her day was, she always
had a smile and perfect hair.

She was mainly a stay at home mom but she worked cleaning houses when our family's financial situation called for more income. My dad was a soldier, so he didn't make a lot of money. The holidays usually wiped out our family savings account, but no one ever complained.

My mom has always been a money master. Her philosophy is a simple one that has never failed her. Work hard and spend little.

Exercise To Stay Fit And Healthy

Do you ever feel that every day that passes feels longer, you feel more tired and all you want to do is sleep? Your cure could just be something you surely try to avoid, I am talking about exercise. If your eyes almost popped out as you are reading this, don't be scared, exercise doesn't have to be so dreadful, on the contrary! The more you exercise, the healthier you become and it can even be fun.

Joy in the journey

Anonymous did it again. Whoever this person is put it well: “Follow your dream! Unless it’s the one where you’re at work in your underwear
during a fire drill.” Yes – some dreams should be forgotten as soon as possible.

But when it comes to life dreams, rather than sleep dreams, I am coming to believe that it is less important whether you actually reach a goal or achieve a beautiful dream than just to follow. Simply start following and see where it leads.

Let me explain.

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