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10 Things Between You and A Great Life

1. Unfinished business: Free yourself from the past by identifying and cleaning up your unfinished business. Call an end to whatever you started - a project, a diet, a feud, a commitment - by dumping it, delegating it, or doing it.

2. Ignoring the Present: Today is a result of all the Today's that came before it. A well lived present will naturally produce wonderful future. Save a dollar today, and you'll have a dollar tomorrow. Eat 500 calories less today, and you'll lose weight tomorrow. Only what you
do TODAY can affect tomorrow.

How to Live a Great Life!

Are you living a happy life? Are your living the life of your dreams? Are you satisfied with your life? These are the questions, if asked, then most people will reply in negative.

Life is short, then why live an ordinary or miserable life. Why not live an exciting full bloom life where you get the help and respect of everyone. I am giving below some tips for living a GREAT life:

1. Give Respect

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