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Be Smart When Setting Goals

Goal setting is like working on a business plan, it needs to be felt and analyzed. It needs more than just an evaluation of what you want and desire, it entails an in-depth analysis of what you are capable of and what you want to do. Just like a business plan, you should also consider the risk and rewards, cost and opportunities, possibilities and resources. It takes so much to set a life goal, but it is the foundation of getting what you want. It is the path in which you drive your efforts into, a solid brick foundation of your dreams and ambition.

How to Turn Your Dreams Into Goals


Are you a Dreamer? Have you ever said, (wistfully, not in regret), " I wish!" You could be expressing a dream. Do you ever find yourself imagining where you would like to be, geographically or circumstantially? Hey! That's a dream!



To what extent are YOU making choices about your activities, your values and your attitudes rather than being affected, and thus controlled, by what others may think? It is difficult to be a real power performer if you think it is important to behave like everyone else.

Forget Dreams...Have Visions!


Do you still keep that all important 'Inner Spark Alive'? ...even 15 yrs later from college!

To me 4 steps lead to 'true arriving'. Our success domain can be summarized in 4 simple steps.

Step#1 : Dream With Totally Relaxed Freedom!

Though I said, forget Dreams what I meant is dream with freedom in detail. Uninterrupted, free flowing and mentally 'living it out'. Learn to dream this way!

Step#2 : Let Your Dreams Lead To Visions!

Understanding Your Passion


The difference between a goal and a Dream is not just setting a time frame for its attainment and then "making it happen." More and more people are beginning to realize that their old aspirations that they thought were going to make them happy actually make them even more unhappy. A new way of thinking has begun in large numbers. People returning to their Dreams. The Dreams of their Hearts.
Some call it "Living with a Purpose," others refer to it as "Right Livelihood."

Whose Year Is This?

An article by the Editor

I asked a friend, “whose year is this”? “I don’t know” was his innocent reply.

This year belongs to no one but every one. 2012 is a great year for those who have decided to make it great for them. They have great hopes, great goals, great enthusiasm and great motivational power to make this year the greatest year of their success.

Dreams Are Renewable

Are you too old to get married? Several years ago, Jim Gorringe, 99, and Dinah Leach, 84, wedded at the St. James Rest Home in Christchurch, New Zealand. Both had been previously married and great, great grandchildren attended the ceremony.

Just before the wedding, the groom quipped, "We won't be having children."

I wonder if this is the same older couple who stopped by a pharmacy a couple months before their wedding. They told the pharmacist they wanted to get married. "Do you sell heart medication?" they asked.

He said that of course they do.

Joy in the journey

Anonymous did it again. Whoever this person is put it well: “Follow your dream! Unless it’s the one where you’re at work in your underwear
during a fire drill.” Yes – some dreams should be forgotten as soon as possible.

But when it comes to life dreams, rather than sleep dreams, I am coming to believe that it is less important whether you actually reach a goal or achieve a beautiful dream than just to follow. Simply start following and see where it leads.

Let me explain.

Dreams - Why be a Dreamer?


There are two paths to follow in life. One is the path of the Dreamer, and the other is the path of the Dream Stealer. Which path are you following through life?

We all start out as dreamers! As little children we all have dreams of being something magic, perhaps a space adventurer or a princess,
maybe a dragon slayer or even president some day. But life has a way of setting limits on our hopes, dreams and aspirations.

A Dream With A Time Limit

"A goal is nothing more than a dream with a time limit," says Joe L. Griffith. Great idea! Does having a deadline improve your work habits? Many folks get so much more done when they are clear about when it has to be completed. Why not do this with the things you want most in life?

When you set the bar, you know you can move it. The trick, then, is to make the commitments you make to yourself as important. or, even, more important. than the ones you make to others. For some, that's a revolutionary idea!


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