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Seven Signs of Energetic Leaders

Energy or its DNA, passion, is one of the cornerstones of authentic leadership. Leaders who are not passionate and energetic might not be able to lead others effectively and efficiently and as a result people might not follow.

The energy component in leadership provides the necessary fuel for the authentic leader's journey. As an energetic leader, you not only energize yourself and those around you at the beginning of any task you take but also draw energetic and passionate people toward yourself along the way.


How To Speed Up Your Recovery From Illness

From time to time, we all face different types of health problems in our life. Mostly minor ailments bother us but sometimes real life threatening diseases such as heart attack, kidney failure, cancer etc., frighten us. If you realize that the dragon of death is fast approaching you to take away your life, what would be your immediate reaction? Would you surrender or fight with your full force? There are many stories of brave people who defeated death even when there was little hope of their survival.


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