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Working closely with a career planner can be a great starting point for anyone over the age of 50 considering a job change or re-entry into the workforce following an early retirement. So many people of this particular generation are choosing or finding it necessary to work much longer than ever before.

Many are burned out from performing the same job for many years, while others took a chance at retirement before their bank accounts were ready. Whether they are looking at freshening up their current employment path or ready for a new start altogether, a career planner can provide guidance throughout the altering process.

If the overall goal is to gain more satisfaction from a current job, there are a number of approaches that can be taken to do so. After working in the same the type of job and even the same place of employment for years, many over 50 are tired of the monotonous routine day in and day out.

It can make anyone lose track of what they originally enjoyed about the job as well as their ultimate retirement goals. A
career planner can assist in changing ones personal outlook and help in boosting the level of positivity one has about their
employment goals.

It’s never too late to reset those occupational goals and desires. Increasing skills and knowledge would also be advised, as it can increase the likelihood of being retained during employee reductions and boost the job duties the employee is capable of doing. More workload diversity can decrease the monotony of any job.

These goals should be set and updated on a daily basis when necessary. Taking the steps to reach any personally desired
objectives can add purpose and fulfillment to any employee’s job outlook.

Despite the high number of Americans over the age of 50 that continue to work beyond their retirement years, there are many that are losing their jobs as a result of the struggling economy, finding they can’t afford to retire as originally desired, or are simply dissatisfied completely with their current occupation. As a result, they are in need of a complete job makeover.

An experienced career planner can assist them navigating through this transition. With years of experience and on the job skills under their belt, many can utilize their existing resume to acquire a job in a similar field.

Others may take further research to determine where they head next. It is important to identify what they can currently offer a new job, the time frame in which the change is to be made, and what additional education or skills must be acquired to be marketable to a new position or employer.

An additional option is to start a new company and take a stab at self employment. Gaining the leadership role can provide
flexibility and control in making the business and its offerings what the individual wants from their new employment opportunity. A professional counselor that is knowledgeable in career planning can facilitate the process and advise on how to achieve the change that is ultimately sought after.

Changing jobs at any age can be life altering, but for those 50 and over it is critical to do so in a well thought out and forward looking manner. Older employees have a tremendous amount to offer any employer. The right career planner can
assist in highlighting those aspects on any resume and guide any client through a detailed and well orchestrated career change.

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