Why People Fail In Life?

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People fail in life or remain unsuccessful because they do not take interest in life. Their lack of interest in life may be due to various reasons, such as, low self- esteem, lack of self-love, lack of education and skills, lack of motivation, fear of failure, misguidance, laziness, ignorance etc. I am giving below five main reasons of failure:

1. Living without purpose
Unsuccessful people live aimlessly without defining any purpose of life. They do not take active interest in life because they have no goals to reach and no targets to achieve. They are just living without any ambitious plan. They do not even know what to do and what to achieve in life.

2. Laziness
Most unsuccessful people are lazy and inactive. They get up late in the morning and have no time for morning exercise. They skip their breakfast, the most important meal of the day. They are always in a panic in the morning and reach late at their job/business. They are unorganized and unable to prioritize their work. They are unable to meet deadlines. They do not make “to do” lists. They waste their time in unproductive activities such as indulging in gossip, making phone calls and watching TV.

3. Negativity
A negative person is a failed person. Negativity ruins the life. Unsuccessful people are full of negativity; anger, anxiety, bad temperament, depression, discrimination, enmity, guilt, hatred, etc. They dislike others out of jealousy and do not want anyone to succeed. They have no love for others. In fact, they are their own enemies.

4. Fear of Failure
The worst type of fear is the fear of failure which is the main reason why people resist from taking action and thus deprive themselves of great opportunities that come in their way.

5. Blame Others
People fail because they do not learn from their mistakes. Instead of admitting their mistakes they put blame on others. Read my article: http://selfimprovement.ch/web/personal_growth/dont_blame_others

About the Author:
Hifzur Rehman, the author of this article is the founder and editor of: http://www.selfimprovement.ch

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