Whose Year Is This?

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I asked a friend, “whose year is this”? “I don’t know” was his innocent reply.

This year belongs to no one but every one. 2012 is a great year for those who have decided to make it great for them. They have great hopes, great goals, great enthusiasm and great motivational power to make this year the greatest year of their success.

Again I say “whose year is this” and you can say “this is mine”. Yes it can be yours, if you think so. Say with all your inner strength, “2012 IS MY YEAR”. But, it’s not enough. Put your goals, hopes, dreams and ambitions into it. Now say “2012 IS MY YEAR OF ………..” I give below a few examples:

2012 is my year of success
2012 is my year of promotion
2012 is my year of financial freedom
2012 is my year of good health
2012 is my year of losing weight
2012 is my year of marriage
2012 is my year of buying a new car
2012 is my year of buying a house/apartment
2012 is my year of learning a new language
2012 is my year of writing a book
2012 is my year of quitting bad habits
2012 is my year of showing excellent performance
2012 is my year of self-improvement etc. etc.

2012 can be the most productive year of your life. Write down on a piece of paper, whatever you want to achieve during this year. Give a name to your goals and a slogan to your dreams to keep you motivated throughout the year. Make a one line sticker of your slogan and put it at a place where you can see it many times during the day. This sticker will keep on motivating you. Motivation is the key to success. If you keep yourself motivated then you can achieve success sooner than you think.

If I ask you now “whose year is this” what will be your reply. I am sure, you will proudly say with full inner confidence “2012 IS MY YEAR OF ………..” That’s the reply which will give you the wings to fly. Good luck and enjoy life!

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Hifzur Rehman is the Editor and Founder of www.selfimprovement.ch
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good motivation

Nice motivational article. Thanks Hifzur

Defining Goals for 2012


In this post you give good advice to write down our goals for the coming year. I also like your idea of creating a one-line slogan that encapsulates the goals and keeping this slogan visible. I have a online system I have been working on for years that attempts to do something similar. It is design to help us stay motivated and encourages us to plan our lives. Goals are obviously a big part of this.

Thanks for the post. Keep up the good work.

With respect,

Ryan Williams