Seven Signs of Energetic Leaders

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Energy or its DNA, passion, is one of the cornerstones of authentic leadership. Leaders who are not passionate and energetic might not be able to lead others effectively and efficiently and as a result people might not follow.

The energy component in leadership provides the necessary fuel for the authentic leader's journey. As an energetic leader, you not only energize yourself and those around you at the beginning of any task you take but also draw energetic and passionate people toward yourself along the way.

The question that I am often asked is that how we can distinguish leaders who are energetic. In other words, what are the signs of passionate and eneregtic leaders? Following are 7 signs:

They are passionate

Passion is the DNA of energy. Carmine Gallo said, "Passion is the one consistent quality that all inspiring leaders have in common." Energetic leaders are passionate about what they do. They radiate their passion to the world around them. Such leaders are focused on the tasks in hand. They always want to move people with their passion.

They are enthusiastic

Leaders who are energetic do what they love with enthusiasm. When enthusiasm is present, making rapport becomes much easier. The excitement of such leaders is easily noticeable from their behavior and the way they interact with others. These leaders charge others with their enthusiasm and positive energy.

They communicate well

Energized leaders are normally effective communicators. Their body language reflects their passion and enthusiasm. Their voice sounds happy and confident. Their eye contact is attention grabbing and their gestures fascinating.

They laugh

Energetic leaders have a sense of humor. They laugh and make others laugh. Laughter is a vehicle for transmitting positive energy to others. Such leaders know how to use this vehicle well.

They look happy

When positive energy is maintained rather than drained happiness takes place. Energized leaders are happy as long as they can connect with people.

They look healthy

Energetic leaders look healthy both physically and mentally. They take care of their physical bodies. They eat well and drink enough amount of water. They exercise regularly to keep the energy flowing through their body. Even if an energized leader has physical problems, no one would normally notice that as long as they keep their energy level high. When you look at a leader who is full of positive energy, he or she looks just fine and healthy no matter what his or her size is.

They motivate and sell their ideas

Energetic leaders are good salespersons. With their high level of energy, they motivate others to buy into their ideas. They use their effective communication skills to get the attention of people and motivate them by using energizing words and phrases.

So, remember 7 signs of energetic leaders: they are passionate, they are enthusiastic, they communicate well, they laugh, they look happy, they look healthy, and they are able to motivate.

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Kamran Akbarzadeh, Ph.D.,PMP,CDC
Founder of Dream Achievers Academy
Author of Leadership Soup

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