Setting New Year Goals: Quit Bad Habits

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December is the time to set new goals for the new year 2018. Make a list of reachable Goals and New Year Resolutions carefully and enthusiastically. Think of welcoming New Year 2018 with an open heart and mind. Be realistic and positive.

In order to get what you want, you need to adjust your lifestyle according to the realities of life. If you want to get something great then you have to make a little more effort and quit those habits that are coming in your own way. You should not blame others for your failures. Your own bad habits are the real culprits.

If you are determined to quit your bad habits then you can easily become the master of your own destiny. I suggest that your top agenda for 2018 should be to get rid of your bad habits and develop those good habits that are helpful in bringing success to your life. You cannot succeed in life unless you possess the qualities of a successful person.

Be honest with yourself. Write down on a piece of paper all your bad habits; bad habit No.1, bad habit No.2, bad habit No.3 and so on. Think which of your bad habits hamper success. Which bad habits put you in embarrassing situations? Which bad habits are responsible for your failure in business or at job? Which bad habits are damaging your health? Which bad habits put you in financial trouble? Which bad habits are bringing a bad name to you? Which bad habits are isolating you from others?

Don’t be shy of admitting your mistakes. There are better chances of improving yourself once you recognize your faults. Keep the list of your bad habits as a very personal and private thing. Don’t share it with others or show it to anyone. Once you are able to quit bad habits then you can proudly tell your success story to your friends.

The list of your bad habits is not something to be ashamed of but for you to THINK and ACT. Take speedy action to get rid of your bad habits as quickly as possible. Keep on changing yourself for good. Give yourself a crystal clear message that the year 2018 is a year of change for you. This is the year of your own personal success, progress, prosperity, happiness and good health.

Start the New Year 2018 with a new enthusiasm to succeed in life. This is only possible through your positive state of mind and by quitting bad habits.

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