October: The Month Of Getting Inspiration From Nature

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October is the month when nature change colours turning the green leaves into yellow, pink, orange, red, purple, grey and even blue. Do you enjoy the scenic view of nature? If so then don’t wait for a better occasion. Go out to enjoy the beautiful lovely weather. The view would boost your enthusiasm about colouring your own life.

Get inspiration from nature and start bringing some colours in your own life? Which colour or colours would you like to choose? There are colours of success, happiness, kindness, politeness, gratitude, love, respect, achievement, and inner peace etc. There are also some colours which you would like to wipe out from the walls of your life such as hatred, selfishness, anger, bad temperament, procrastination, etc.

October is the month of change so think of changing yourself positively by adopting good habits and getting rid of your bad habits. I know this is not an easy task but if you are determined to change yourself then nothing can come in your way.

October reminds us that only one quarter of the year has left. Is it not good to look back at your new year resolutions which you had made in the beginning of this year? Check your progress in this regard and think how you can achieve what you wanted to achieve this year. You can also set some new realistic goals to reach for the remaining part of the year.

October fascinates me a lot not because that I was born and married in this month but due to the fact that I took some of the most important decisions of my life in this month and remained successful. The colours of nature have such magical effect on me that every year in this month, I paint my life with the colours of my own choice with a new enthusiasm.

I love colours and want to live a colourful life. I also want you to become a multi-coloured person. To make your life colourful you do not need paint and brush but a strong determination to change your life positively.

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