Never Settle For Ordinary!

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I have discovered a common attribute among successful people no matter the age, profession or location in the world ... they never settle for ordinary.

Successful people in all walks of life at various ages discovered ordinary is not going to get them very far in life. Sure, being ordinary provides stability and the ability to fit in or adapt, but not get them ahead. If getting to the front is what you strive for, then stand out and never settle for being ordinary. Of course you are not going be the front runner in every venture you try, but the important aspect of your life is having the drive to not be ordinary.

Easier said then done? Sure it is, it is true that everything comes at a price, wow how many cliché's can I get into one article, you get the point. Ok, here are my 6 how not to settle for being ordinary self checks for you.

Self Checks that will not allow you to settle for ordinary:

1. Take on a Leadership role at any age, task or activity. Step up and start learning about your leadership skills. You probably already have a pretty good idea at this point what type of improvements are needed, this major step that takes experience and time.

2. Learn from your mistakes; do not make the same mistake over again.

3. Continuously Improve yourself mentally and physically. Find new and interesting subjects to learn about, searching out information online or better yet, reading a book provides a foothold into a wonderful habit.

4. Mentor those around you by exhibiting positive behaviors and habits. By teaching those around you about subjects within you span of knowledge you gain even more subject comprehension.

5. Set goals for yourself. Short and long term goals, easy goals or stretch goals ... just set them and post them somewhere in writing on your computer, on the fridge in your office or car. Check yourself periodically on progress or lack there of.

6. Be Driven; do not let yourself become complacent or satisfied with where you are at or what you have achieved. When you reach
some of your goals set new ones, tougher goals or some people refer to them as stretch goals.

If you do not know where you are going, how will you ever know when you get there?

Let me remind you what E.M. Cioran wrote – We are all geniuses when we dream!

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