My Quotes on Love

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"Those who do not know the true meaning of love are very unfortunate people."

“I love myself. I love mankind. I will die someday but my message of love will never die.”

“Kill the monster of hate with the bullet of love.”

“My love is not limited to my family, friends or my country. I am a BIG LOVER. My love is for the whole mankind.”

“The only way of bringing love into your life is to give love.”

“You are not poor if you are rich in love."

“If you cannot love, you can't live because love is the soul of life.”

“If you are not in love with yourself then how can you bring love in your life!

“Love is the divine force within you which keeps you motivated to do the things you love to do.”

“Open your heart to love because it brings happiness and prosperity in life. Live the life of a lover and brighten your soul with the rays of love.”

“Love your job because it provides you the necessary means to fulfill your desires and needs. Whatever work you do, do it with love.”

“Only lovers live a fuller, prosperous and a meaningful life.”

“Love gives meaning to life as without love life is meaningless.”

“Live every moment of your life as a love-live affair and create a win-win situation for yourself.”

“I love my dreams because what I dream, I achieve.”

“I am reading the Book of Love. Nothing is written in it except your name on every page.”

“All spiritually active people have one thing in common and that is their love for human beings. Love is their religion and love is their life style.”

“The more a person loves God, the more God loves him. This love affair keeps on growing till the person reaches at a point where he starts losing his own identity and surrenders himself unconditionally before God.”

“While I talk about love, my heart goes with those innocent people who are being brutally killed in unjustified wars and armed conflicts.”

“Please spread the message of peace and love to all corners of the world and even take it to the corridors of the United Nations to press upon the world body to settle disputes among nations, amicably through peaceful negotiations.”

“Suppose you have everything; a good job, good health, good reputation, good relationships and lot of money to spend. But still there is something missing from your life. Guess what? The LOVE.”

“Love all human beings, irrespective of their cast, creed and color. Love the poor, old and helpless people.”

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Hifzur Rehman, the author of this article is the Founder and Editor of . He is also a success coach and a motivational speaker.

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