How to Live a Happy and Lively Life

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Are you living your life in just a boring routine manner or living a full exciting, happy, lively and loving life, the way it should be lived. You can make your life more lively and lovely by making small changes in your routine life. It will cost you nothing but give you joy and happiness beyond imagination.

Don’t be too serious about life. Make it a point to smile, laugh and enjoy every moment of your life. Whatever your circumstances, you can live a happy and lively life if you concentrate more on the positive side of life and less on the negative side.

An attitude of gratitude is a positive step in the right direction. When you count your blessings only then you realize how lucky are you. Be thankful to God for His blessings and be thankful to your parents, family and friends for their continuous support to you in one way or the other.

Morning time is the best time and a morning walk is quite exciting and refreshing. Say good morning to people who come across you and even say good morning to flowers and plants. For real joy, love the natural environment and become a part of it.

Eat a good nutritious breakfast. Add nuts, fruits, juice, yogurt, peanut butter, eggs, oats, cereals and honey etc., to make breakfast more healthy and delicious. Keep on changing the items so as to give yourself a different taste every day.

Rearrange your office table and do some minor adjustments to give your office room a lively look. Make your work place, a place of enjoyment. Pay full attention to your work but keep on saying thank you and passing good remarks about others. In order to lessen job related stress pass some friendly jokes and make your colleagues laugh. When leaving your job place, leave all your job related worries over there. Don’t take your job tensions to your home.

Your sweet home is the place where you spend most of the time with your family. Make your home a better place to live and keep good friendly relations with your spouse and children. Play with your children and participate in their indoor and outdoor activities. Do some silly things with your children and make them laugh. Participate in social and cultural activities and occasionally go to cultural and traditional festivals along with your family.

You are the best creature of God so you must know your worth as a human being. Start spending some time daily in deep meditation and establish a loving relationship with God. Remember, God loves you more than you love Him.

Life is worth living. Live it happily and lovingly. Spend your days and nights in such a manner that give you inner satisfaction and happiness.

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