Achieve Personal Success

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We all strive for success... Isn’t? What is this success? Success, when viewed with a positive mental attitude, is a
process, a journey and not a destination.

Success for the husband and wife means making their marriage work with hope that they can celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. Success will mean keeping their family intact with communication lines open.

Success for student means passing the courses in school and developing mind and talents to make a beneficial contribution to the human race.

Success for the surgeon means saving a life!

So what does success finally add up to? A diploma on the wall? A trophy in the case? Money in the bank? Professional honors?? Yes, this is success, but more than this, success is being able to look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of the person you have become!! Success is noblest when it leaves you with self respect that you have become a good steward of life, liberties, possibilities, and opportunities that God offered to you.

By achieving personal success gives you the joy, the real joy, when you look at yourself. As the cliché goes “Don’t love the office you work for, instead love the work you do. Your office may betray you, your work wont.”

The moment you fall in love with your work is the moment you can be sure of your success. Your life is in your hands, and so is success if only you try achieving it. Are we all successful in things that we do?? What is keeping us from success? Why do we limit our own abilities?

The reason for failure is lack of self confidence. No matter how impossible the task may seem, self-confidence is the seed for success. Success is analyzing, recognizing, visualizing, mobilizing and energizing our possibilities and see them turn into realities.

The 1st step towards achieving your personal success is that frame a goal which is both short term and then a long term. Visualize yourself after 10 years. How and where do you want yourself to be?? This clears your mind of any doubts you may have. The next step is to frame short term goals, goals that lead a way towards the main objective. Take a goal, make it your life. Dream of it, breathe it, live it… And don’t fail to love it. “Be the change you want to see”. Seek pleasures in small and beautiful things around you, yet don’t get immersed. Stay focused on your vision, if so, success is all yours. Dare to dream the impossible. Yet work for making your dreams into reality. Dreamers who became doers operate emotionally and rationally with self confidence. When opportunity meets preparedness the outcome is called “luck”, don’t rely on that all your life. Take a goal, make it your life, dream of it, and achieve personal success. With these simple but powerful approaches you can bid good bye to failures and hello to

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