The Magic of Five Seconds of Silence

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You have heard that "silence is golden," right?

There are many teachers of the power of silence and you can buy books about the benefits of silence.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta said, "See how nature - trees, flowers, grass - grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence...we need silence to be able to touch souls."

Many of us spend our lives waiting to speak, forming our words, anxious to respond, ready to answer instantly when another stops speaking.

Today, as I was talking with one of my beloved spiritual partners, I suddenly felt a prompting to purposefully practice five seconds of silence before responding to my partner's statements. I suggested this to my partner and we both began to observe the five second rule.

The results were profoundly amazing - so amazing that we both became giddy with joy.

During those five seconds of silence, we experienced peace and a connectedness to spirit that I had not experienced before. Those five econds of silence felt like pure consciousness, an acute awareness of my spiritual self.

We both became the Observers of ourselves, watching as our consciousness shifted and our energy vibrations were raised.

We began to giggle as we talked about how others would react to us if we began to exercise our new power of silence by pausing for just five seconds before responding to another's words.

Just five seconds.

We realized that during those five seconds of silence, we were in a state of allowing, receptive to Divine guidance, without the necessity of racing to be ready to speak immediately.

It is so simple, yet not easy to do. Can you imagine?

If you observe just five seconds of silence in a conversation on the telephone, others will respond with, "Are you still there?"

And if we practice our five seconds of silence with friends and family, they will say, "Did you hear me?"

And we can respond with, "Yes, I am here... Yes, I hear you... I am simply observing five seconds of silence before I respond."

Perhaps they will hear the peace in your voice or see the joy in your face as you begin to practice the art of truly listening, knowing that in your five seconds of silence you are in a state of receiving, trusting that your next words will be perfect and Divinely guided.

Try it! Simply pause to observe five seconds of silence before speaking in any conversation. Watch the shift in your consciousness and observe the peace that washes over you.

That is the magic of five seconds of silence.

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