You Cannot Live A Happy Life If …..

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If two things are missing from your life then you cannot live a happy and successful life. These are: (1) inner-peace (2) love.

I am a man of peace and love. Peace is within me and love flows out of me. I know the worth of peace and love in one’s life out of my own experience.

If you are not in peace with yourself then you cannot enjoy life no matter what is your social status, position or the worldly things you possess. If you want peace then you have to get rid of all the negative stuff you are carrying in your heart and mind. You need to delete all kind of bad memories and negative thoughts from the computer of your mind. No more enmity, grudge, hatred, and bad feelings about others. Leave the company of those people who talk bad about others.

Inner peace comes in your life when you do something good for others and are cooperative and kind to people. Inner peace is a by-product of your own behavior. Your bad behavior can ruin your life while your good behavior can bring happiness and success. Always be polite and humble.

Another factor is love. We all want love but do we give love. Give love to get love and this is the golden rule. If you are not getting enough love start giving more love.

Love plays a big part in bringing success and happiness in our lives. Live the life of a lover to enjoy life. Love your work, love your boss and colleagues, love your customers, love your friends, love your family and love all human beings. Go out and love nature. Love your environment and love God who created you. Be thankful to God for everything you have in your life.

About the Author:

Hifzur Rehman, the Author of this article is a Thinker, Poet and a Success Coach. He is also the Founding Editor of

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