What is Happiness and How to Achieve?

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I give below some of my quotes on happiness:

"I do not buy expensive branded items for personal use but buy happiness by giving money to the poor and needy people."

"Do what makes you happy without stealing the happiness of others."

"Happiness is a fruit that grows on the tree of inner satisfaction."

"Be happy and spread happiness. This is the best service of mankind."

"The Key to Your Happiness is in your own pocket. Don’t search it anywhere else."

"Happiness is in your own skin. It runs in your body with the circulation of the blood."

"Happiness does not grow on trees. However, you can cultivate it in the soil of your mind, heart and soul."

About the Author:

Hifzur Rehman is the Writer, Thinker, Poet and Motivational Speaker. He is also the Editor and Founder of: http://www.selfimprovement.ch

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