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Following is a list of interesting articles to read:

The Secret Language Code

Hidden meaning of pronouns

South Korea promises paperless schools

South Korea is the first nation to take step to replace all paper-based school textbooks with digital textbooks.

5 reasons why social networks fail

An old but still relevant short article predating the rise of Facebook on why social networks don't always succeed.

Mediterranean be Dammed

Damming the entire Mediterranean. Gives insight into the problems, predictions, and mindset of early 20th century Europeans.

More evidence of Net's effect on the brain

Can extensive Internet use, especially online gaming, make structural alterations to the brain

At 81 Minutes per Day, Mobile App Use Tops Web Browsing

Article states that mobile users spend more time using apps than surfing the net. Most apps use the net and many are extensions of website(s) so using apps is another way of surfing the Internet. So the argument that this invalid but the data and stats it provides is worth a peek.

Multi-National Study of SNS Privacy

An interest article on how is privacy on social networking sites perceived around the world.

Group dynamics key to avoiding tragedy of the commons

How group dynamics can cause or prevent tragedies of the commons using overgrazing as an example.