The Powerful Antioxidant You Cannot Eat Or Drink

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Have you ever taken a bite out of an apple and then set it down for a while?

What happens?

The inner part of the apple will start to turn from a nice yellow to a gross-looking brown. And if you leave it sitting there long enough, and the apple will eventually rot - fast. This is called oxidative damage. Electrons within the apple are getting ripped out by the air.

Here's the scary part: The same thing is happening to your body…right now. Unlike the apple, your body has natural defenses against oxidative damage, which is why you don't turn into a pile of dead mush within a few hours after being born.

However, these natural defenses wear down and begin losing the battle after a certain period of time.

Here's another question for you: When did you start feeling "old?" What's the age when you notice men and women around you start getting wrinkles and thinning hair?

If you said in the early 40s, there's a very good reason. At approximately 42-43 years of age, the human body begins losing the battle against oxidative damage and begins to wrinkle and rot just like an apple after you take a bite out of it.

But there is hope. You can use the power of antioxidants to battle this free radical damage. I'm sure you've heard the advice to eat fresh fruits and vegetables because of their antioxidant content but there's another powerful antioxidant which has nothing to do with food or drink:

Deep breathing.

Believe it or not, easy deep breathing is an antioxidant which helps prevent free radical damage. This means deep breathing is not just good for you on the inside...but you'll end up looking better on the outside as well.

And you didn't have to eat or drink anything.

But the health benefits of deep breathing don't end there. In fact, very few people understand just how powerful this practice can be...because they don't know how to do it.

Here are the secrets:

1. Place one hand on your belly and the other hand on your chest.

2. Begin breathing through your nose, and your goal is to feel the breath move your lower hand, while the hand on your chest remains still. This way, you activate your diaphragm when you breathe. Unless you do this, you're taking normal shallow breaths and will not get the antioxidant effect.

3. Take ten slow breaths and focus on filling your belly and entire torso from the bottom up. Even though your lungs are much smaller than your entire upper body, imagining they're bigger helps increase the power of this exercise.

Practice this for a few minutes every day, and an amazing thing will happen. You will develop the practice of breathing like this all the time, so you don't even have to think about it. When this happens, you'll notice you have more energy, you'll feel more relaxed, and yes you will look better in the mirror.

About the Author:

Nate Rifkin is the author of the book Internal Power Yoga. On his website, you can get free instant access to an easy exercise for purging your sadness away while simultaneously filling your body with confidence, with zero positive thinking required:

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