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A lot of teaching your child to read is first instilling in your child a desire to read. It's so very important for the child to know that reading activities and learning to read is fun. Early on, for instance, if you haven't yet, set aside an area of your home where your child can have their very own reading area and little person library. This will get most all your reading activities off to a great start. Having their own special place for reading activities will encourage the child to spend time reading.

Does Your Child Have a Social Learning Problem?

Most parents know that the prevalence of learning disabilities is skyrocketing. Including other neurodevelopmental syndromes like ADHD, autism, and Asperger's syndrome, learning disabilities have unfortunately become commonplace in the lives of our children, and by extension,our families.

Finding a job is such a daunting task. Here, there, and everywhere, job seekers tend to look for the best means in order to find the best jobs.

However, most of them are predisposed to neglect job fairs. This is because many job seekers get annoyed with the jam-packed, full of activity, and baffling series of events. Nevertheless, they are still the best place to land a job.

When it comes to planning for a new career, it's important to not only look at the present, but also the past. Who you were ten years ago may not be who you are today. A lot may have changed when you compare your present with your past. But there are things from your past that may overlap with your present life. Such things include your strengths, personality, experience and education.

If there's one thing that a child can fascinate you with, it's what he can do with his imagination. A child's mind is like that of a creative writer, it can bring him to all the places he wants to be in, whether it's in Neverland or in outer space; it allows him to become whoever he wants to be—a superhero, pirate or scientist; and it enables him to do whatever things he likes to do: fly, stop time, or turn objects into gold.

Want to teach your child to read, but not sure how? Relax. You're not alone, and it's easier than you think. Whether your child is 4 months or 4 years, now is the time to begin.

Teaching your son or daughter to read is not a one-day or one-weekend event. It's a mind-set, an awareness of the myriad of opportunities to teach your daughter about language - speaking, listening, reading and writing - the elements of communication.

Develop Her Language Skills

It seems pretty straightforward: list your job history, education, and maybe some awards. Voila—you have a resume. Unfortunately, writing a great resume is an art form rather than a cut-and-paste job, which is why so many resumes are, well, pretty awful. The bad news is that people often make the very same mistakes; the good news is that you can avoid these common resume blunders if you know what they are.

Think you know everything there is to know about getting a job? Not so fast. There are lots of myths floating around that people have come to accept as fact. Check out some of the most common myths below, and get one step closer to scoring a job you’ll love.

Have you managed to avoid writing a resume until now? Well, there’s no time like the present to dig in and create a fantastic piece that will land you all kinds of interviews. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, know that the most important thing about writing a resume—whether it’s your first or four hundredth—is that they’re all about marketing, no matter what field you’re in. Lots of people likely have a comparable degree and work experience that’s similar to yours. The trick is in effectively marketing your greatness.

Accounting is one of the fastest growing employment fields today. Many businesses as well as individuals need accountants in order to keep tabs on their monetary assets and know the tax code. The more information that an accountant can give you about your finances, the better you can make decisions about business, personal investments and spending. Accounting degrees are able to be obtained from a wide variety of universities and colleges across the United States. The best institutions have extremely tough competition in order to enter into their accounting programs.