The Sun is Good and Bad For You

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The summer is coming, which means that men and women alike will be rushing to the nearest store to get a new bathing suit. You'll also likely see a spike in gym memberships as people will be in a rush to get their bodies into the best shape that they can in order to fit into their bathing suit and look spectacular at the beach. But there is more than one benefit to getting out there and getting some sun.

As many of us know, when you have sunlight, things grow. If we lived in a world without sun, it would be a dark, depressing place. Did you know that a little thing like having a sunny day can actually affect a person's mood? Think about it. When it rains outside, do you typically see that many people out and about, walking around and exercising? Now think about those days when it is sunny and warm outside. Suddenly you see people that you swear you haven't seen before. People are out riding bicycles, walking dogs, jogging and playing tennis. It seems like everyone is in a good mood.

Did you know that you can still experience damage from the sun even in winter months? Any time you know that you're about to go outside, you should always make it a point to apply sunscreen or sunblock at least thirty minutes before you expose yourself to the sun. This is especially true if you have a job that requires you to spend a considerable amount of time outdoors. While we all desire to have bronze, sun kissed skin, don't forget how damaging and unforgiving the sun can be to those who fail to take the proper precautions. Getting a sunburn is a painful reminder of just how powerful the suns rays are. You might lay out in the sun all day and think that you are going to have a beautiful tan only to be shocked and pained when you see how red your skin is.

There is some controversy over whether or not “fake and bake” or tanning salons are beneficial or detrimental to one's health. There may be nothing wrong with going to a tanning salon as long as you take the same precautions that you would if you were going to spend a day on the beach. Make sure that you put plenty of sunscreen on, and make sure that you don't go to the tanning salon too often. After all, too much of one thing is never really a good thing. Perhaps the harshest reminder of the real danger of the sun is the fact that each year at least thousands of people are diagnosed with some form of skin cancer ranging from mild to severe. In the event that you are told you have skin cancer, sometimes they have to graft skin from other parts of your body in order to replace the damaged skin. The number one thing to know about skin cancer, however, is that it is wholly preventable. This isn't to say that you should never go out in the sun, but when you know that you are going to spend any amount of time outside, make sure that your first priority is protecting your body. This means wearing hats, applying liberal amounts of sunscreen and/or sunblock and retreating to the shade every so often.

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