Getting the Perfect Wedding Tan

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Many brides decide to go in for a tan just before the big event to add to the grand look of the all white dress. Most of the women think that it makes the bride appear flawless while others think that a little color to the skin will make it glow for the occasion. As an outcome of these believes most of the brides decide to go in for a tan before their wedding day.

Getting the right tan for the big day is important. You surely don’t want to wake up on your wedding day to realize that instead of a glowing skin you have an orange skin. This could be a nightmare for any bride and will eventually ruin the whole look of the day. One way of avoiding such a mishap is to use professional help to get your skin tanned rather than using home tanning kits. It is best for the bride to visit an indoor tanning salon and understand the different ways of tanning they offer, before finalizing on the one which suits her best.

There are various ways of sunless tanning which can give the desired glowing look to the bride. You need to start off early
so that you will be able to try each method and then take on the best one. Those brides, who decide early and are looking for a tan to last them for a longer time, can use tanning beds or booths. Though this is a time occupying process, it is truly
effective. One needs to stop when the required color is achieved for a delay will make you your skin go dark.

Some brides want a tan just for that particular day; this can be achieved easily by spray tanning. A trial of the spray should be taken around a month before the wedding to give you an idea of the look. Professional help is the best way to get an even tan via sprays otherwise you will end up with different shades of tan on different parts of the body. Hand and feet will require special attention while spraying so that not a single part is left unsprayed.

Many brides do not want to go extravagant with the wedding expenditures. So they go in for the self applying tanning lotions. Some of the lotions are used only once to give a slight tan for the day while others are to be rubbed for several days
to gradually color your skin. However many times these lotions make you appear orange and also stain your palms.

Brides, who are hushing up with a tan for the big day, need to take extra precaution to avoid tanning injurious like sunburns and skin rash. Any kind of carelessness will be regretted for the rest of your life. This is another reason why a skilled professional should guide you through the tanning process instead of self tanning methods. Proper directions will
definitely make your skin glow beautifully on your day.

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