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Enjoy Your Life!

For this year, 2013, I have no agenda, no goals and no resolutions!!! I just want to enjoy my life during the year 2013. What’s a fantastic idea? Do you agree with me? I don’t care whether you say yes or no. I started enjoying my life from January1, and am determined to keep enjoying till December 31. While I have started living a joyful life, I cannot give you any other advice except saying, enjoy your life.

In Five Minutes

Suppose you have only 5 minutes. Think what you can do in that short time.

You can:
- Write your day’s agenda
- Write “things to do”
- Write a short note for your boss or colleague
- Read the message marked as “urgent”
- Make an important telephone call
- Take an appointment from your doctor
- Clean your office desk
- Make a cup of tea/coffee
- Give instruction to any of your workers
- Check your bank account
- Say hello to someone etc. etc. etc.

The Big Boy Concept

Being the eldest son of my parents, I became the “big boy” of the family. My parents gave me the status of a “big boy” and started giving me the tasks that were somewhat challenging for me at that young age. Whenever, I had some hesitation in doing a certain task, they used to encourage me by saying, “you are a big boy, you can do it”. Though I was a small boy at that time but my confidence level grew to the new heights and I started behaving myself as a big boy. That “big boy” concept slowly developed into the “I can do” philosophy which has helped me a lot through out my life.

In Search of Happiness

When I was young I had a totally different concept of happiness. I used to think that:

- Money is happiness. The more money you have the more happy you would be.

- Happiness is in wearing expensive branded clothes

- Happiness is in driving latest model cars

- Happiness is in dancing, drinking and dining out

- Happiness is in living a luxurious life

- Happiness is in watching movies and TV shows

- Happiness is in breaking laws for fun, etc.

My Birthday Message

Today (October 16) is my 62nd birthday. I celebrate my birthday in a non-traditional manner. I have a different way of celebrating my birthday. I sit quiet for some time and critically analyze my whole year’s progress. Then I set realistic goals for the next year of my life. This time I am going to share some personal aspects of my life with you and hope that it may be of some help to you in living a better life.

Today Is The Action Day

Today is the only day which I call the “Action Day”. Yesterday is dead because it will never come again. Tomorrow is out of our reach. You can dream and plan for tomorrow and all the coming days, weeks, months and years, but any action, good or bad, positive or negative which you have to take is today. Today is the best day of your life to decide about your future destiny.

Use Your Talents To Become An Extraordinary Successful Person

Can you live an extraordinary successful life with your ordinary state of mind? Certainly not! You need to upgrade your mental horizon to such a level from where you can see your true giant picture.

Are You Satisfied With Your Life?

No one seems to be fully satisfied with his or her life. Everyone wants to live a stress-free, tension-free and trouble-free life, full of joy and excitement. However, in spite of their best efforts most people remain unsatisfied with their lives. Even money or fortune is not of much help to them. There remains some kind of hollowness, vacuum or emptiness in their lives which keeps them unsatisfied.

Quit Your Bad Habits Now!

An Article by the Editor

There is no better time than today if you want to quit your bad habits. Don’t wait till tomorrow. Quitting your bad habits is a very tricky business. Either you quit your bad habits in one stroke or keep on living with the devil all your life.

Whose Year Is This?

An article by the Editor

I asked a friend, “whose year is this”? “I don’t know” was his innocent reply.

This year belongs to no one but every one. 2012 is a great year for those who have decided to make it great for them. They have great hopes, great goals, great enthusiasm and great motivational power to make this year the greatest year of their success.

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