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Awake Your Spiritual Powers

We, the human beings are the best creature of God. God blessed us with a beautiful body, a powerful mind to think and act, and a soul loaded with spiritual powers. However, most people are unaware of their inherent spiritual powers and, therefore, concentrate more on accumulating wealth and material things. The more a person knows about spirituality the more he/she understands the real meaning of life and purpose.

How you can awake your spiritual powers is something that you need to learn and practice. I am giving below some practical ways to help you in achieving spiritual powers.


How to Live a Happy and Lively Life

Are you living your life in just a boring routine manner or living a full exciting, happy, lively and loving life, the way it should be lived. You can make your life more lively and lovely by making small changes in your routine life. It will cost you nothing but give you joy and happiness beyond imagination.

Don’t be too serious about life. Make it a point to smile, laugh and enjoy every moment of your life. Whatever your circumstances, you can live a happy and lively life if you concentrate more on the positive side of life and less on the negative side.

Happiness and You

The definition of happiness is very confusing. The concept of happiness differs from person to person. If you are satisfied with your life then you are a happy person. A satisfied person is a happy person. If you are not satisfied with your life then you will remain an unhappy person. I am giving below some tips that make a person happy and satisfied.

1. Satisfaction at job

Before Going To Bed

What do you do before going to bed? I am giving below some of the most popular activities people do before sleep.

1. Wath TV
2. Read a book/magazine/newspaper
3. Listen music
4. Work in the kitchen
5. Do meditation
6. Go for a walk
7. Plan next day’s activities
8. Chat with friends
9. Do yoga or some other exercise
10. Play with children

After a hectic day’s work, do whatever you think is good for relaxing your mind and body. You need to take complete rest and sleep for 6-8 hours so that you feel quite fresh and energetic the next day.


Bring Love in Your Life

Love plays an important role in the lives of human beings. Open your heart to love because it brings happiness and prosperity in life. Live the life of a lover and brighten your soul with the rays of love.

The question is, how you can bring more love in your life! I tell you, it’s quite easy.

In Love of God

You were nothing before your birth and will be nothing after your death. The period between your birth and death is your life which is a gift of God. From your head to toe, you owe everything to God and own nothing. You were nothing and God made you something so you must be grateful to Him all the time, day and night, and bow your head before Him in humble obedience.


Stop and Start Activities After 60

If you are 60 or above, then you have entered into a new phase of your life, which is totally different from your earlier life. It’s the beginning of a new era which can be more interesting and rewarding. Being a senior person, you must prepare yourself to play a more important, responsible and a much bigger role in your life.


Boredom: Reasons and Remedies

Are you feeling bored? Getting bored is quite common in people of all ages. I often listen people saying they are getting bored or the life is so boring. When someone says that life is so boring, it means that he/she is losing interest in life. This type of negative development must be taken seriously.

There may be many reasons of feeling bored. A person who is feeling bored knows well the reason behind his/her boredom. However, the most common reasons of being bored are:


In Thirty Minutes

In just 30 minutes a day, you can be on your way to success and happiness. Am I kidding? No, I am not. Take my words seriously. I am going to tell you a simple but highly effective success formula. Follow me.

Before going to bed, do not watch TV, movies or listen to music. Most people do this mistake and, therefore, remain unsuccessful and unhappy. You may not agree with me but this is a fact. After a hectic day’s work our mind and body need rest in complete silence. Before going to bed you need to switch off all kind of external noise and calm down internally.

When Silence Speaks

We are living in a noisy world and that noise is badly polluting our planet earth. Noise from the industrial machines, home electrical gadgets, transportation vehicles and construction activities etc., is badly affecting our health. High noise pollution levels can contribute to depression, headaches, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and hearing problems.

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