Travel with less stress this Christmas

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It's that time again. The festive season of family reunions over Christmas dinner, decorating the Christmas tree, unwrapping presents and observing Christmas traditions. It is also the season of travel as some of us choose to spend their Christmas away from home, or some are visiting relatives abroad for their Christmas reunion.

Christmas season is certainly the busiest travel season of the year and we are inevitably going to encounter with overcrowded airports, packed stations and road traffic jams. It can also bring a lot of delays, cancelled or overbooked flights, long queues as well as luggage problems. This all can decrease our pleasure of traveling and induce high stress levels.

The following are only a few useful hints and tips for those who would like to minimize the travel related stress this Christmas season.

First of all, book your air ticket or holiday well in advance. This will give you more flexibility when it comes to choosing your dates and flight times. You are also more likely to get better price bargains and flight connections.

If you decide to book at the last minute, make sure you choose an early morning or late night flight as these are less likely to get delayed.

Check in online if you can as you will get a better choice of seats and save yourself a lot of hassle queueing at the airport.

Arrive early. This is necessary to allow plenty of time for checking in, any luggage formalities, passport control and going through the airport security.

Pack smart. Make a list of things that you really need on your holiday. There isn't anything more stressful than carrying heavy luggage around. Refer to the airline's website and check what your luggage allowance is and what items are allowed in your hand luggage. Always put your medicine and important items like passport and some
emergency clothing in your hand luggage in case there are any delays.

If you are travelling with kids, bring some games, books or a lot of distractions to ease off any possible waiting time.

Wear comfortable clothes and drink plenty of liquids whilst on your journey. This will help you relax and shed off any travel related tensions.

Furthermore, always check the airline's website or consult your travel agent for any updates or flight delays before you set off for the airport. This way you will avoid waiting long hours around the airport which can often be uncomfortable and frustrating.

Secure your airport transfer in advance, especially if you travel by taxi as these can be overbooked during Christmas season. This also applies to your destination.


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