The Best Of Canada Ski Vacations

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Even the most seasoned skier will be overwhelmed by Red Mountain’s possibilities. Located in a remote corner of British Columbia’s Monashee Mountains near the U.S. border, Red Mountain is one of those unspoiled resorts where skiing comes before all else.

Red Mountain is actually made up of two mountains, Red and Granite, which are both skiable 360 degrees around. Combine that with the resort’s ski anywhere terrain policy and skiers can choose from a virtually endless number of runs with each descent. The resort’s three lifts serve 1,200 acres of skiable terrain, much of it off-trail.

In addition to downhill skiing and snowboarding, winter visitors enjoy heliskiing, backcountry touring, and cross-country skiing. For those days you just have to get off the skis, hook up with a local to find sledding, snow hiking and the like. While there often aren’t formal programs, these winter activities are available.

Those off-slope days might best be spent in the hot tub at your hotel resting up for the next day in this skier’s paradise. An expert skier won’t believe the bounty that awaits them at Red Mountain. One-third of the resort’s 83 trails are marked for “extreme caution,” offering thrills for the more adventurous. The resort offers a vertical drop of 2,900 feet.

On your first day at Red Mountain take advantage of a free guided tour. Knowledgeable Snow Hosts will introduce you to the resort and ensure that you experience all of the excitement that Red Mountain has to offer. Tours leave the base area at 9am and

1pm daily.

While nightlife in Rossland isn’t touristy, it is lively. You will feel like a local at the pubs. Just make sure you don’t stay out too late, because this mountain requires you to be in top form in the morning.

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