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From sun-soaked beaches to cultural areas, Sydney has it all. It is a popular international destination for many travelers each year, and for good reason. Sydney has a great climate year round, and is relatively easy to get around in. With so much to see and do, and the ability to do it with ease, Sydney travel is a tremendous experience that offers much to everyone.

With the world famous harbour, more than 70 beaches, fabulous food and festivals, Sydney offers fun and entertainment for everyone. The most popular place to visit for travelers to Sydney is the gorgeous harbour. You can sail past the famous Opera House on a chartered yacht or paddle under the harbour bridge in a kayak.

There are several scenic cruises that will take you in and around the harbour past historic locations, waterfront mansions, and national parks. Or, one can take in the view from a waterfront restaurant in one of several locations around the harbour.With so many things to do in one location, the harbour area is a must see and do for Sydney Travel.

Sydney is also known for its rich modern, cosmopolitan cultural areas. You can meander through the many markets, fashion boutiques, or discover the antique shops and art galleries. Centennial Parks very big, and is popular with bike riders and those who like to rollerblade. The many lively, historic pubs are popular with travelers too, as is catching a movie at an art-house cinema.

The Museum of Contemporary Art, the Sydney Museum, and the Police and Justice Museum are also popular attractions with visitors. The Sydney Aquarium gives the ability to view sharks at close hand and discover a variety of fishes from all over Australia such as the now famous Nemo clownfish.

If you are looking for outdoor recreational activities, Sydney has that too. With so many beaches and fantastic weather, the going to the beach is a must particularly during the summer months. The soft sandy beaches and warm waters around Sydney are perfect for swimming, surfing, water skiing, or simply sun bathing.

There are also several fantastic places to snorkel or scuba dive with so many reefs teeming with a variety of colorful fish. There are scuba diving courses that are easily accessible for travelers that allow you to get your diving certificate.

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