Fun For All The Family On Family Holidays In Mauritius

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Family holidays in Mauritius may not necessarily be your first
choice; a lot of people have the misconception that Mauritius is
for couples and honeymooners but that is far from true.
Mauritius is the perfect place to take your whole family. It's
not just a beach holiday, there are so many things to do there
for adults and children alike that it would be a great holiday
for you and your children, no matter what age they are!

The majority of hotels in Mauritius are incredibly child
friendly, most having large rooms and staff that are great with
the kids! The excellent restaurants are used to catering for
children, so you can all eat well and not be worried about
anything. School holidays, no matter what time of the year, can
be filled with a trip to Mauritius as the weather there is
almost perfect for holidays, the only short wet season they have
is January to March, but even then the weather is still

From the UK Mauritius is 12 hours away and there are regular
flights. BA fly from Heathrow to Mauritius three times a week
and Air Mauritius have five flights a week.

Some of the world's finest hotels can be found in Mauritius and
facilities for both children and adults are generally terrific.

Mauritian food is a fantastic mix of French, Chinese and Indian
cuisine, so there's bound to be something for all the children.

Casela Nature and Leisure Park is an unmissable family day out.
From activities like rock climbing and mountain biking or quad
biking to safari photo shoots and nature walks spotting Java
deer, wild boar and giant fruit bats, there's mini golf for
kids, aviaries containing 1,500 birds plus a wonderful hill top
restaurant with unbeatable views of the west coast, Casela has
it all and will keep everyone amused all day!

L'Aventure du Sucre is a former working sugar factory is now a
fascinating museum. It is the only place in Mauritius where you
can learn about every aspect of the history of sugar and its
impact on the economic and social development of the nation. If
you want to education and fun then put aside at least half a day
and finish off with tastings of speciality sugars in the
adjacent Village Boutik – which is also a lovely place to visit.

Coloured Earths - Until recently this monument to the volcanic
origins of the island was disappointing, due to unregulated
access and the trampling of tourists. However now timber viewing
platforms and walkways encircle this geological wonder of
multicoloured rolling landscape. The colours, best seen in the
morning, never fade and some scientists say it is due to the
uneven cooling of volcanic lava – it's a wonderful sight that
can be fun and educating at the same time!

Honeymooners, empty nesters and families with kids all enjoy
the tropical ambience of Ile aux Cerfs for water sports and
boating. Tour operators can arrange trips from here to
Mauritius' longest river, Grand River South East and its
impressive waterfalls. Whatever you choose to do, you now know
that family holidays in Mauritius are very much possible and
great fun for all!

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