Brussels For Lovers

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Paris may have the Eiffel Tower and Rome may have the Trevi Fountain but, if you’re looking for romance, Brussels is every bit as appealing for a snatched weekend away or a magical, low-key honeymoon rendezvous. It is a city which begs exploration and, from the moment you check into your Brussels city hotel, you will be entranced by the blending of a cosmopolitan culture with quaint, medieval cobbled streets and an almost tangible sense of history. But hidden behind the bustling boulevards and the buzzing city squares lies the quieter, more reflective heart of Brussels.

The Food of Love

Chocolate and love are synonymous and, luckily, so are chocolate and Brussels. Belgian chocolate is considered to be amongst the best in the world and La Maison des Maitres, situated on the Grand Place in the city, is a wonderful place to visit for a romantic day filled with all things chocolate. For those staying centrally, La Maison des Maitres is conveniently located just steps from your Brussels city hotel. After a light breakfast, wander down to the flagship showroom and surprise your lover with a 45 minute Chocolate Discovery Workshop. You will be taken on a virtual journey through the history of chocolate, as well as sampling the creations of 10 Belgian Master Chocolatiers. From rustic looking creations with whole fruit and nuts to delicately crafted pralines in exquisite casings, your taste-buds will be crying out for mercy. This is the ultimate chocolate lover’s experience – and just perfect for romantics.


If you’re looking for a romantic evening out in Brussels city, hotel concierges and local city guides will often recommend L’Archiduc on the oh-so-stylish Antoine Dansaert's Street. With a fabulously authentic 1930s Art Deco decor complete with grand piano, and a warm, friendly underground jazz club ambience, L’Archiduc’s charm lies in its long-standing history as much as with its eclectic line-up of talent. Boasting an amazing cocktail and aperitif menu, it makes for a wonderful, relaxing evening to snuggle into one of the discreet booths or plush armchairs with your ‘amour’ and soak up the sensual atmosphere of the club. Once you’ve had your fill of music and martinis, it’s only a short, romantic stroll along the boulevard back to your Brussels city hotel.

Hidden Gardens

For an early morning stroll, or an afternoon wander to walk off your lunch (or those Belgian designer chocolates), within easy distance of your Brussels city hotel is a hidden gem in the form of the Jean Felix Hap Garden. Although it occupies a central space in the city, the positioning of the surrounding architecture manages to almost entirely obscure any reference to the garden and, to those who discover it, it is a magical inner-city sanctum of calm. The two entrances to the gardens – one on Wavre Street and the other on Louis Hap Street – are the gateways to this serene, green space. For nature-lovers, or those simply wanting to spend some time in reflection, the Jean Felix Hap Gardens are a real oasis.

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