Adventure Travel In Africa

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If we talk about Africa one thing the first word that comes in our mind is “ADVENTURE”. Africa offers the wide variety of all sorts of adventure. One who is really fond of adventures and is never been to Africa then its something in adventure he is missing. Africa is land of every adventure. It’s a land of variety in diversity. From diving, mountain climbing, trekking, white water rafting all sorts of adventures are available in Africa. Most adventurous sport in Africa is “safari travel”. Let us try and explore Africa in a more dynamic way and get to know about what options does it have for adventure travel.
In South Africa, Kruger National Park is one of the finest game reserves. Visitors who are interested in safari traveling are drawn towards Kalahari Gemsbok national park. It extends towards the Kalahari Desert; Kalahari gemsbok is an area of wide open vistas, rugged beauty, shifting dunes and great herd of springbok.


Kruger national park is one of the most interesting places in Africa and is rated as one of the world’s finest game reserves. Kruger is more a home to wild species than any other game park in the continent. Cheetahs, lions and leopard roam here freely with substantial number of elephants, rhino, zebras, giraffe in fact a wide variety of wildlife can be seen easily in this park. It is also an excellent destination of birdwatcher. It offers a scarcely believable diversity of species. Though no night activities are permitted here but it is best for wildlife safari. Nights here are like living in an artificial jungle. Abundance of land is available to enhance opportunities for safari visits.


It is situated in the southern extremity of one of the greatest desert- the Kalahari. There is absence of lush green vegetation but the wildlife here is quite impressive. Wildebeest, eland, herds of gemsbok and springbok can be seen here. But Kalahari wildlife attracts another visitor- the Kalahari lion. Visitors on their safaris have to forgo their luxurious accommodation of the surrounding parks. Kalahari can be a destination of grandeur unparallel.


Those who are fond of canoeing Orange River is the best destination for them. It originates in the Lesotho highlands. It is just right for the canoe safaris because its wide and gentle, with just enough rapid to make the heart beat faster.


When one hear of camels the thing that exactly stuck our mind is “desert”. And it is increasingly becoming one of the most important safaris in South Africa. South Africa provides two unique environments for camel safari. The Kalahari and the Bushmanland Kalahari is more of a duned landscape and bushmanland is a semi arid. Both the regions provide a good land in game.

There is one more thing that is included in adventure of Africa is white shark cage diving, walking safaris, bungee jumping , camel trekking, mountaineering, diving ,desert safaris ,biking and much more. Safaris in Africa can be covered on the back of horse, camel, bicycle etc. “Fun never ends in the sun city” in fact adventure never ends in the Sun City. Those who are really crazy about the adventure then Africa is ALL IN ONE destination to be. Wildlife, beauty, vegetation is all seen here in abundance so to have fun Africa is a best place to be.

So go and enjoy the Sun City’s adventure filled life and you can have a memorable time with your loved ones and friends and have some adventure all along.

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