9 Things You Must Do In Hawaii

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If somebody asks you to name a beach in the world, one thing would normally come into your mind - Hawaii beaches. But what makes Hawaii memorable, that a visiting tourist would normally dream of going back to the islands over and over again? Hawaii is a place of enchantment. Far off in the Pacific lies this paradise on earth. It is year-round tropically hot and sunny; has rich native culture, beautiful flora, amazing volcanic formations; has rich history; and most of all it has the world famous pristine blue waters and powdery white sands beaches. Although Hawaii is a chain of small islands, there are a lot of activities that can be done whether it is on land, air or water.
Here are the top 9 things you must do on your Hawaiian Islands Vacation:

9. Visit World War II Remains: Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona

To get to know a place, you must first know its history. Visiting Pearl Harbor then is a must for all tourists to pay tribute to the war heroes who died during the bombing of December 7, 1941. This naval base used to play a major role in US military strategy and is a significant part of the nation's history. Today, it is one of the top tourist attractions in Hawaii. You may also proceed at the Arizona Memorial and for yourself the remains of the sunken USS Arizona below the glass floor. The best thing in touring these places is that the entrance is free to both!

8. Experience a Polynesian Luau

Get a taste of Hawaiian culture! A Hawaiian experience is never complete without attending a Polynesian Luau. It is a showcase of Hawaiian cuisine and culture through a feast of food and entertainment. The usual native dishes served are the kalua pork and teriyaki. You will also be delighted by the native entertainment- traditional Polynesian music, fire dancers and hula dancers in grass skirts.

7. Go Volcano Watching

Because Hawaii is popular for its volcanoes both dormant and active, take a drive to the Volcanoes National Park located at the south of the Big Island, where you can find two of the world's most fascinating volcanoes. First, Mauna Loa, the world's largest dormant volcano, reaching up to 13,677 feet high. Second, Kilauea, an active volcano, which produces steam and flowing lava and interesting volcanic formations. There are other volcanoes in Hawaii that you may visit but these two are really noteworthy.

6. See Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon is located at the Koke'e State Park. It is the largest canyon in the Pacific and is even nicknamed as "the Grand Canyon of the Pacific". It is around 10 miles long and 3,600 feet deep. The canyon is the creation of centuries of floods due to the overflowing of the rivers of the dormant Mount Waialeale. The walls of the canyon show traces of carving by volcanic lava, creating interesting patterns and formations.

5. Watch whales and dolphins

If you want to see whales up-close, go to the Big Island between the months of December and April. Some areas of the coast attract humpback whales after their migration in the cold regions. The island is also home for other species like killer whales and sperm whales. If you want to see dolphins instead, you can visit Oahu Island during the first week of May as plenty of dolphins draw together off the coast.

4. Enjoy a Helicopter Ride

If Hawaii is beautiful up-close, it is also gorgeous from an aerial view. Take a helicopter ride to see a bird's eye view of the entire state of Hawaii so that you will realize how such beautiful scenery can be packed in so little an archipelago.

3. Try Snorkeling

Every island of Hawaii has its own share of sea life. However, of all sites, the crescent-moon-shaped island of Molokini seen from the island of Maui tops them all. It is in fact a marine life park, listed in the top 10 of the best snorkeling spots in the world. There you can watch schools of color-adorned fishes, some species of which are unique to Hawaii alone. There is also another option for those who do not know how to snorkel. They can rent a boat with a glass bottom to view the sea life underneath!

2. Chill out on the beach

How could a Hawaii vacation be called a "vacation" without the beach? Everywhere you go in Hawaii, you see the beach, all in its sapphire waters and bleached sands. The most popular beach in Hawaii is the Waikiki Beach, located at the south of Oahu and the home of the most luxurious Hawaiian hotels. You have two choices in the beach -to engage in action in some sea activities or just lie back, relax and get a tan. Either way, you'll surely have fun!

1. Surf! Ride the Waves

Well, what else is on the top of the list? Surfing, of course! Hawaii is also very popular to surfers because of its waves. Although all of Hawaii have beaches where you can surf, nothing is better than the North Shore. There, waves can reach up to a height of 30 feet especially during the first and last 3 months of the year. If you are looking to learn how to surf, Maui is the choice destination. Warm waters and gentle waves make this island a learner's paradise.

A Hawaiian experience is truly unforgettable no wonder it keeps bringing in millions of tourists every year. What makes Hawaii more special is the warmth and hospitality of the Hawaiian people. There is no other place in the world where you are greeted with aloha and smiles. It truly is a tropical heaven on earth!

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Me-Shell Mijangos (http://www.swellwomen.com/founder/html) a surfer who first began surfing at the age of 30. She is the founder of an all inclusive women's surf camp called SwellWomen. Two years ago, she started SwellCo-ed, a Surf and Yoga Experience for women, men and couples. She hopes to surf with you in paradise soon! Visit her SwellBlog!

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