Safety Tips On Being A Tourist In Rome

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Rome is a very popular world tourist destination and is usually found in the top 10 rankings for the most visited cities in the world, which is measured by the sheer number of visitors that each city hosts. The reasons why Rome is so popular are very varied and include its fascinating history, its abundance of world famous tourist sights and of course its beauty.

Before advising on some of the main safety tips on being a tourist in Rome, you should remember that this should not put you off from visiting; Rome is a great city to visit! And most of these tips will in fact apply to ANY popular tourist destination, wherever in the world you may be visiting!

In General

When visiting any large city, and Rome is no exception, you should always be vigilant wherever you go, especially as you will probably be in an unfamiliar environment. Be confident in your behavior and ALWAYS be wary about your belongs, as petty theft is the most prominent crime that involves tourists.


Unfortunately pickpocketing is rife in some areas of Rome, especially at the main train station, Termini, on public transport in general and around the main tourist sites. Keep your belongs close to you. If you have a rucksack, wear it around your front rather than on your back, and make sure all zips are closed or even locked. NEVER have your wallet or purse in your back pocket, this is an instant message to any pickpocket, professional or opportunist, saying 'I am here for your taking'. Also, spread out your valuables and money, so that if you are pick pocketed, you will not lose everything.

Blend In

Try not to look like a tourist too much and try to blend in. Wear a minimal amount of jewelery and don't show off your wealth by only wearing designer clothes and flashy accessories. And of course be relaxed so that you do not stick out like a sore thumb. It is also worthwhile to learn a few basic everyday Italian phrases.

ATMs/Cash Machines

This has more likely been driven into you by banks in your own country. Whenever you withdraw money at an ATM, be prudent; ensure no one is behind you and watching you while you type your PIN in and you should not really accept any help from a stranger, regardless of who innocent it may seem. Also, before inserting your bank card, check that the machine itself has not been tampered with.

Gypsy Gangs

Unfortunately gypsies have got a bad reputation all over Italy and are often associated with scams and pickpocketing. And even worse is the fact that in reality, this is partially true. You will probably notice during your stay that there are several gangs of unkempt kids and teenagers in the center holding placards. If they approach you walk in a different direction, or if that is not possible, do not interact with them and perform a complete lock-down on your valuables, otherwise they may no longer be there afterwards.

Scooter Thieves

This is becoming less common than say 10 years ago, but it does still happen now and again. Scooters are everywhere in Rome, and normally they are used as a quick form of transport along the cobbled Roman streets. However, every now and again an opportunist thief will be on the saddle, looking for innocent victims to rob. It is simple, they look for a bag or camera hanging loosely off a shoulder, drive up and snatch it. Therefore, this is another reason to keep your valuables close. If this does happen to you, then just try to kick the bike away, or at least try to get the number plate and report it to the police.

All in all you should have no trouble on vacation in Rome, as long as you are prudent and avoid any possible confrontation. And as mentioned at the beginning, this article can be applied to any city so don't be put off visiting Rome and enjoy your stay in this amazing city.

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