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9 Things You Must Do In Hawaii

If somebody asks you to name a beach in the world, one thing would normally come into your mind - Hawaii beaches. But what makes Hawaii memorable, that a visiting tourist would normally dream of going back to the islands over and over again? Hawaii is a place of enchantment. Far off in the Pacific lies this paradise on earth. It is year-round tropically hot and sunny; has rich native culture, beautiful flora, amazing volcanic formations; has rich history; and most of all it has the world famous pristine blue waters and powdery white sands beaches.

Visiting Turkey's Subterranean Cities

Montreal offers more than 32 miles of underground shopping. Megacities such as New York City, London, and Paris have huge underground transit systems. We know what it is like to shop and travel underground but have you wondered what it would be like to live in a subterranean world. To find out, there is only one place you can go, Cappadocia in Turkey.


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