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3 Foods for Better Brain Function

So much of what is written in nutrition today focuses on fat loss nutrition and diets but today I wanted to switch gears and talk about how you can use your diet to improve your health specifically your brain function. There are lots of supplements on the market that promise improved focus, energy, and brain output but these are all short term fixes that are chalk full of stimulants and B Vitamins (to be completely honest mega dosing regular B vitamins is NOT going to help your brain).

Tips for Surviving Holiday Eating Without Guilt and Weight Gain

Yes it’s almost time to start thinking about the holidays again: shopping for gifts, planning celebrations, and eating food! Once Thanksgiving arrives, the holiday season can seem like a non-stop eating contest straight through the end of the year! That can mean 5-6 weeks with lots of extra food!

The holiday season should be a time of celebration with friends and family, but it doesn’t have to mean that healthy, mindful eating has to go by the wayside. A few changes in the way you think about food at special events can keep you on track during this busy and stressful time of year.

Anti Aging Foods

Incorporating the following foods into your diet will help improve or prevent a lot of aliments as you age. This includes symptoms of menopause, osteoporosis and memory. These foods are tasty and can be easily prepared.


Most soy products will alleviate the symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes. Tofu can be another source of protein in the diet. It helps lower cholesterol that may cause heart disease.

Navy Beans

Carrots : The Master Key For Healthy Living!

It slows ageing, promotes healthy vision, has anti-cancer properties, increases immunity towards various chronic diseases. Yes, carrot does it all for you. This natural health booster enhances your health on various grounds and fills in the essential vitamins to your body like pro-vitamin A, B3, C and E. Other important advantages of carrot besides those mentioned above includes preventing various gastrointestinal complaints like colic and ulcers and it also prevents heart attacks and cancer by reduces cholestrol levels as it has high soluble fibre levels.

Eat Healthy and Bid Goodbye to Medical Bills

Tired of ever-increasing health care costs and looking after a family which is frequently ill? What are the reasons? Why is one family member or the other always sick at home?

Many people take their health lightly because they think that there are more important issues that need to be tackled first. These people forget that giving proper attention and care to their health can help them overcome many of their problems, and enable them to remain fit and active.

Importance of Proper and Sufficient Sleep

Proper and sufficient sleep in just as important as exercise and good nutrition for health. Unfortunately, sleep deprivation is very common in developed countries. According to a 2003 National Survey of Children’s Health, 15 million children and teen in USA get inadequate sleep. Sleeping disorders are also quite common among adults.

The Top 10 PRACTICAL ways to Improve

Because I believe diet and exercise are so important, I'm often frustrated with the recommendations I receive. Nutrition and natural health ideas are often so negative (don't eat this, watch out for that) or so rigorous (be sure to eat some raw, natural, organically grown vegetable I've never heard of) or so complicated, I end up ignoring them. And yet, I know diet is critical to my health and well-being, so I made up my own rules. My objective was simplicity, so all of you with greater will-power and more discipline, cut me some slack, OK? For the rest of us, I hope you find them useful.

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