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Who Controls Your Mind?

Few people are aware of the thoughts that pass through their minds. Thinking is performed like a habit, in an automatic manner. If the thoughts are positive, then it is all right, but if they are negative, they may cause trouble.

The mind is like small child, who accepts and takes for granted whatever it sees or hears, without judgment and without considering the consequences. If you let your mind behave as it likes and give it complete freedom, you lose your freedom.

Personal Development: It's the Thought that Counts

Our lives are the product of what we ourselves do to create them. Although, ultimately, we cannot fully control our lives, we can, in the right frame of mind, exert a huge influence on our success and happiness. Unfortunately, however, the normal person exerts little or no influence at all over the course of their lives because they have no concept of their own ability to grasp full control of the one and only thing that all us can control - our own state of mind. Indeed, I suspect that it has never even occurred to the majority of people that they can control their own state of mind.

Personal Development and the Curse of Useless Thought

I'm writing this article on a Friday morning. A couple of years back, I did a breakfast seminar - a short discussion on effective personal development - for a large organization in Dublin. Early on in my presentation, I mentioned that fact that I was greeted at the door by a particularly good-humoured doorman and that when I'd mentioned to him that he was in fine form, he replied "Sure, isn't it Friday!" As a throwaway remark to my audience I asked "Would he be a grumpy old man if I arrived here Monday morning?" - and everyone shouted "Yes - he would!"

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