Scott F. Paradis

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All the Strength You Need

Strength is power, force, might, vigor, potency – the capacity to withstand adversity and to influence or control circumstances. Most often, we associate strength with "physical" ability; however, strength of character and strength of will have more far-reaching consequences. Character and will lead to the source of strength.

Take the Next Step

Life sometimes seems like a daunting challenge. The span, the tasks, the competition, the limitations all converge in the lonely, and oft seemingly isolated intellect to squelch motivation and restrict potential. When all seems too much and you believe you are going through hell, the thing to do is to keep going. Only by moving forward will you progress beyond the circumstances that hold you back.


The Source of Fear

What are you afraid of? What is it you fear? Death? Public speaking? Conflict? Loss of control? Loss of power? Loss of esteem? Discomfort? Illness? Pain? The unknown?


Can Money Buy Happiness?

Aristotle famously determined, "Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence." Though most Americans would not dispute this dictate evidence suggests Americans believe the most typical and direct route to happiness is by way of money. Many have come to believe money can buy happiness.

In a literal sense money cannot buy happiness, as happiness is a feeling. Happiness is a state or condition of
contentment or satisfaction, jubilation or joy. Happiness ultimately is an internal sensation, a state of being.

What is Success?

Considering the word "success" conjures images of a life different from what you are experiencing now, does it not?

What images does success conjure for you? Wealth - a mansion; a beach house; vacation villas; luxury cars;

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