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Friendly Fire

"Friendly fire," or fratricide, is a military term used when troops of one nation accidentally kill their own. Fratricide has tragically become a battle­field fact of life. David Foster in "Light and Life" (July 2, 1994), tells us George Washington re­ported that during the French and Indian War, 400 casual­ties resulted from soldiers who panicked and sent volley after volley into their own ranks.

His own soldiers killed Stonewall Jackson, Confederate general during the American Civil War, in 1863 as he galloped back into south­ern lines.

How To Build Positive Relationships

Even the best relationships can be challenging and, as crazy as this can make us, it's important for those involved in the relationship to be challenged so that they can grow closer together.

Many people find that relationships are difficult because the minute that things get hard, they question whether or not the relationship is worth the hassle. But that's not the way to go. Unconditional love doesn't have conditions! True love rejoices during the good times and intensifies in support and patience during the bad.

Surround Yourself With the Right People

I ran into some old friends last weekend, and immediately I felt a new sense of energy - catching my 'second wind' after a rather tiring morning. I think this happened for two reasons: one, simply because I was happy to see them, and two, because they're very successful.

I won't get into the types of successes they've achieved, because that's irrelevant: we all carry different
definitions of success in different areas (finance, health, leadership, relationships, all of the above...). The point is that these people make me want to be my best.

Relationships - 9 Never-Changing Rules

In a relationship, your ability to understand and respond to the other person's needs and desires are fundamental. Understanding the nature of relationships themselves may be as important to your success in love as understanding the person with whom you're having the relationship.

The key to a working relationship is twofold. First you need to work on a relationship day in and day out. Second you need the right information to pinpoint where the relationship needs work. Without this information you’re simply assuming and assumptions are the enemy to any healthy relationship.

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