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Lose Weight Confidently

So you have decided to lose weight. Great!

Why do you want to lose weight?

- to live a healthy and disease-free life
- to look younger and more attractive
- to feel more confident about yourself
- to gain popularity in social circles
- to be able to wear the clothes of your choice
- to live a more active life
- to enjoy life in full, etc.

5 Tools That Lead to a Happier & Healthier Life

If you have experienced a massage session, you already know the wonders a great massage can have on your mind and body. You know about the complete feeling of health and relaxation that overcomes your entire being. You know about the calmness that permeates throughout the therapy room. And you know about the subtle healing music that gently eases your tension away.

Your Mother Was Right: Good Posture Counts

Most of us don't connect poor posture with poor health. But think about it, when you're sick or in pain, how do you hold yourself? Head up, chest out, shoulders back? More likely your shoulders are slumped forward, back is rounded, tail bone is tucked between your legs like an injured animal. It's the body's natural response to pain and illness. The problem is that sustaining this defensive stance for any length of time may make it harder for your body to heal.

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