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Top Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

By now it's no secret that women are leaving corporate America to start their own businesses at twice the rate of men. Statistics show that over 75% of women-owned enterprises open for business in 1997 were still operating in 2000. That's about equal to the survival rate of all U.S. businesses. Recent data also indicates that women invest more in their businesses than do men. Which just goes to show - women have it what takes to run and maintain successful operations.

Investing in Gold and Silver Bullion

You may have heard of gold bullion which has become a very popular investment. Well, gold bullion coins are another form of gold which is also a very popular method of investment. Because of the credit crunch a lot of people have decided to start investing in something that is secure and stable in a rather rocky financial market. Gold bullion coins are a very stable investment and not only do they have a lot of value in the markets but they also have a good reputation on the collectors market which means that you may be able to sell them on for a higher than market price from a collector.

How To Invest In Commodities?

Commodities have always be considered to be inferior as an investment. But in the last few decades, the world of commodity trading has seen many people getting rich. Commodity trading is no longer consider to be an inferior asset class. Rather, commodity investing is becoming popular. Commodities prices have been skyrocketing with commodities like gold, silver, oil, wheat,cotton and others hitting the all time historical highs in the last decade. Gold just breached the historical barrier of $1200 per troy ounce in the last few months of 2009.

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