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5 Top Questions For Making New Year's Resolutions Work

Have you ever made a New Year's resolution? Maybe you resolved to lose weight, stop smoking or get fit. Did you see it through? The vast majority of people you probably didn't and by the end of January you, too, will be back into their old habit patterns after promising this year would be different from last year. Sound familiar?

Is it a Goal Setting or Goal Writing?

Do something different with those resolutions this year. Write them down.

So, let's not only make New Year's resolutions and/or set new goals for the year, but write them down. Sounds so easy doesn't it? The reality is that only about 2% of the people in the world have written goals. I'd like to challenge you to be part of the 2%."

How many New Year's resolutions have we made and lamented a few months later? The challenge is, and has always seemed to be, to get the goals to actually work.

Will This be Your Happy New Year?

Another "New" year is upon us - but what has changed?

Research (in the Universities of Chicago, Milan, Harvard - the list is quite long!) tells us that, in general, normal people lead repetitive lives where little ever changes. Sure, you might have made an important career change, met the love of your life (for now!), launched a new business, or captained your club on their way to winning the cup in the year just ended. But, so what! Little, under the skin
(personal or corporate) ever really changes.

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