Bob Malloney

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Public Speaking - How To Engage With Your Audience

There are four essential elements that you need to master ifyou are ever going to be a successful public speaker andfully engage with your audience.

Eye Contact

Over 80% of your impact is going straight into your audiences look at them...not the floor or the
walls or the ceiling or at your visual aids...look at the people.

Four Steps To Career Progression

If you are ambitious and want to get ahead, the current economic slowdown may well be frustrating your plans to move your career forward. Many people will be working long hours, whilst 'keeping their head down' just to maintain the status quo and maximise their job security.

However, there are four proactive steps you can take now to maximise security in your current role and, as economic conditions improve, place yourself in pole position to move your career forward.

Step 1 - Get Organised.

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