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Happiness and You

The definition of happiness is very confusing. The concept of happiness differs from person to person. If you are satisfied with your life then you are a happy person. A satisfied person is a happy person. If you are not satisfied with your life then you will remain an unhappy person. I am giving below some tips that make a person happy and satisfied.

1. Satisfaction at job

Stretch Mark Removal - Your Ultimate Guide

Stretch marks occur when the dermis is stretched too fast, either from pregnancy, puberty or weightlifting. The skin tears and loses its elasticity cause reddish purple lines to appear mostly on the buttocks, thighs, arms, stomach and breasts.

Stretch marks are a part of every day life for most women. And most women will try anything to get rid of them or at least fade their appearance so they are less noticeable. There are many different solutions out there.


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