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Coping With Fatigue

Are you feeling tired a lot for no apparent cause or at least that you can think of? Ever wonder what is making you feel so tired all the time? Fatigue can have many different causes that may include:

• Lack of sleep: You might be surprised to know that getting even an hour less than you normally get can leave you drowsy the next day. Is it because you did not go to bed early enough or you went to bed, but could not go to sleep. As a person gets older, it becomes more difficult to get uninterrupted sleep and you may sleep less soundly and/or awaken earlier.

Reasons for Fatigue: Some Simple Solutions


Marie moved through her days as if pulling a 500-pound weight behind her. It took several cups of coffee to get her to work, where she depended on energy drinks, ice tea and sweets to sustain her until quitting time. At home she crashed into bed, barely rousing for a frozen microwaved dinner, until she had to repeat the process the next morning. Weekends were spent recovering in bed.

Fatigue robs you of life

How To Switch From Low To High Spirits

Do you still feel tired even after eight hours of sleep? Does fatigue continue to haunt you after a brief rest? Do you feel like an engine deprived of oil that can make it run smoothly and effortlessly?
This feeling occurs too often. It is something that can happen to anybody, including you.

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