Seomul Evans

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Pain Management - Managing Pain and Addiction

We constantly hear stories about pain killer addiction. We hear about it so much that it has become a common fact that taking too many pain killers may get you addicted. But is that really a fact? Or is the term “addiction” just being used too loosely? To gain better understanding of the relationship between pain
killers and addiction, several misconceptions should be clarified.


Alternative Options in Pain Management

There was a time when chronic pain treatment meant only two things. The first is having to take pain medication to make the pain go away or at least make it tolerable. If the pain recurs or continues to persist, then pain medication has to be taken all over again. The second is to undergo surgery. Removing or remedying the cause of the pain is always a logical option. However, surgery does not always guarantee that the pain will not return. Also, a vast majority of people and pain management doctors view surgery as a last resort because of post operative pain and possible complications.


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