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6 Amazing Healthy Skin Foods

You are what you eat and this can be so true when such foods clearly affect your skin. There are certain foods that greatly affect how your skin looks - many for the bad and many more, for the better. Here are some of them:

Green Tea


Money Traders

In the foreign exchange market, the money traders buy and sell currencies. In other words you trade monies. The process of forex trading is actually quite simple. The mechanics has some semblance to those of other markets, such as the stock market for instance. Thus, as a money trader, if you have any other
experience in trading, forex trading will become a breeze.


Introduction to Forex Market

Before even starting to invest in the forex market, it is good to have an introduction to forex market basics. One of the best ways to initially learn about the forex market is through an introduction to forex market terminologies.

Terminology #1: Forex Trade


Best Forex Advice

Best Forex Advice #1 High Volume Pair Trading

Currencies are being traded by twos. Example of this would be USD-Eur (US Dollar and the Euro). Some pairs are also more traded compared to others. A good forex advice is to trade in pairs those ones which yield the highest volume. Highly traded pairs have higher chances of earnings for the forex trader.

Best Forex Advice #2 Use Trend Spotting


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