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What Are the Symptoms and Stages of Brain Tumor?


From the latest research in the field of medicine it is evident that there are lots of patients who are suffering from the painful condition of brain tumor. It is a disease which has taken many lives and still many are struggling hard to survive from this detrimental syndrome. For the cure, many neurologists have been successful in fighting back this disease but still there is a lot more to do to face this challenge. And for this reason, the experts from cancer treatment and radiation therapy are coming forward to participate in the fight against cancer.

The Importance of Food To Eat Or Not Eat When Dealing With Cancer

The most important change you can make if you are serious about overcoming cancer is the food you put in your mouth. Cancer is closely related to what we eat and since the wrong food is the most influential factor why it will develop then it makes sense that changing your diet can have a huge outcome to a cancer patient who is fighting the disease.

How To Manage When A Health Crisis Hits!

A brain tumor! Really?

Cancer Risks and Health

Cancer is the second major cause of death in the United States. More than half a million of us to die of cancer every year. Most cancers occur in people age 55 and over. The best defense for many types of cancer is early detection therefore, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, have regular checkups with your doctor and report any unusual symptoms.

Tea: A Natural Cancer Treatment?

One of the best remedies for cancer may be as close as your nearest tea cup. There is an increasing body of evidence to suggest that tea can help prevent the onset of cancer or, at the very least, slow the growth of tumors. This is incredibly encouraging news, given the fact that nearly two-thirds of the world's population drinks tea each day.

Traditional And Natural Cancer Treatment Options

While there's a whole gamut of cancer treatment options available; which is the best one to use depends upon the type of cancer as well the stage that the cancer has reached. Though the prevailing trend is to resort to more traditional cancer treatment options, cancer patients are not restricted to them. There are a variety of alternative and natural options (some new, some old) for treating cancer.

Traditional Cancer Treatment Options

Traditional cancer treatment options are often referred to as cut, poison and burn (surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation).


Skin Cancer - Early Treatment Increase Survival Rates

Skin cancer can usually be treated successfully, if it is caught in the early stages.

Have someone check your back regularly for any unusual spots or moles. The cancer can quickly spread to the lymphatic system and cause secondary tumors anywhere in your body. Cancer does not go away on its own and pretending everything is alright is a quick way to an early grave. You owe it to your partner, children and friends who all love you to look after yourself.

An Overview of Cancer

Cancer is a disease that affects cells of the body. Cells are extremely small units that build together and form all living things, which include human beings. In any given person’s body, you will find billions of cells.

Cancer- New Research, New Results


Medical technology has made tremendous advances in the last few decades. Yet it has not yet been able to tame cancer. An effective treatment for the killer disease that also has less of the unwanted side effects has evaded scientists and doctors over the years.

What is more, cancer cases and cancer deaths are increasing. Blame it on lifestyle changes and pollution. But cancer still poses a challenge to medical science. The disease is expected to affect 16 million people worldwide every year up to the year



Have you ever wondered why so many people are getting cancer today? Maybe the answer lies in the things that we consume. Here is some food for thought that may be of interest to you.

A survey was conducted approximately ten years ago that said that one out of every three people in North America would develop cancer at some point in their life.

That same survey was again undertaken just recently and it now tells us that ONE OUT OF ONE people will develop cancer at some point in their life.

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